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On jihad: a new review for Areo (and other recent articles/podcasts)

I’ve not posted on this site about some of my most recent articles; instead I’ve just been sharing them on social media. Time to remedy that. My latest is a review for Areo of Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens’s forthcoming book on Anwar al-Awlaki. Read it here.

Other previous articles include a review of Leila Slimani’s Sex and Lies on Moroccan sexual culture, a review of Matthew McManus’s book on postmodern conservatism, and a review of Nathan G. Alexander’s book on the history of race and atheism, all for Areo. I also recently reviewed a production of As You Like It for The Broad and my friend Iona Italia’s duology on tango for Arc Digital; see here. For The Student I wrote about Robert Burns and Burns Night and was featured on Jerry Coyne’s website in his irregular ‘Photos of readers’ series.

I’ve also been continuing to record and publish podcasts for The Pondering Primates series; there are many new interviews on there, including ones with Peter Hitchens, Seth Andrews, Ben Sixsmith, and Andrew Copson. See the PP section in the site archive (see menu) for links to these and many more.


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